Sport treatments at the Genziana Spa Hotel, in Selva Val Gardena

Muscle relaxation after a day on the slopes in the Dolomites

Bioenergy* Sport 80 min.
Excellent treatment both to boost performance before physical activity and to recover afterwards. Relieves aching and tense muscles. Ideal after long walks and strenuous physical activity.
Bioenergy* Back Relax 50 min.
A body pack of algues and essential oils with relaxing proprieties followed by a massage. Ideal for distending the tissues and the muscles with a lot of tensions.
Bioenergy* Balance 80 min.
A true decontracting treatment for the body’s muscles. Thanks to the combination of seaweed compressed, enriched with essential oils, and the bio-energetic massage, which will act on the main pressure points, you will feel a sensation of absolute well-being and lightness.
Sportive Bath 20 min.
A bath with essential oils designed to stimulate body purification. Ideal combined with adipose treatment.

* In all Bionenergy treatments, we use a tool that will help us to dissolve muscular tension: glass bells which, together with the massage provided by the operator, will allow us to stimulate energy points and paths, producing soothing, draining and detoxing effects, thus restoring balance to the body’s energy.

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