Wellness Rituals in the Genziana Spa Hotel in Selva Val Gardena

Harmonious wellness rituals with scents and herbs for all senses

Genziana Ritual110 min.
A beauty ritual based on the Alpine orchid. The body treatment starts with a delicate peel, which prepares the skin to absorb the moisturising properties of the cream compress, also orchid-based. Delicate, sensitive, and elegant, but strong in the roots, the Alpine orchid provides a synergy of beneficial and natural substances, which have a moisturising and anti-ageing effect on the skin. The treatment ends with a pleasant soothing massage.
Harmony & Balance Ritual 80 min.
A multi-sensory path, which begins with a relaxing bath in the beautiful imperial bath. This is followed by the application of several aromatic oils, which will help to relax your muscles. The bio-energetic massage, finally, will give you a feeling of absolute purity and relaxation.
Soft Skin Ritual50 min.
Allow yourself to be transported by the inebriating scents of lotus flowers and mango. We will start with the Precious Mango Gommage treatment, and will continue by delicately wrapping the body with a lotus extract and Shea butter balm, to make the skin nourished and silky.
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