Men's Spa at the Genziana Spa Hotel in Val Gardena in the Dolomites

Spa and treatments for today’s man

Catio Vital Jeunesse 50 min.
This is a classic facial treatment with effective in-depth cleansing that individually treats the needs of each skin type and age group. Through its innovative forms of treatment it replaces traditional methods.
Dermo Peeling 50 min.
A very new treatment, suitable for all skin types and for all ages. Helps to remove visible signs of time, clearing dark spots and bringing a glow to the complexion.
Beauté Aromatique 50 min.
A personalised manual treatment with essential oils and plant concentrates, to bring light to all skin types and to bring a glow to the face, providing balance and an intense feeling of well-being.
Regenerating Bath 20 min.
A blend of 8 essential oils, which act synergistically to ensure a regenerating, purifying and stimulating effect.
Bioenergy* Body Detox 55 min.
An effective draining technique carried out with the help of a device that uses suction caps, in combination with essential oils and natural active ingredients, which together stimulate the metabolism and bring new energy to the tissues. The body’s energy balance and harmony are restored, in favour of the aesthetic result.
Abhyanga 80 min.
This is an Indian technique used to restore deep balance. Ayurvedic massage is a treatment that acts on the entire body, using a variety of manipulations and stimulations, accompanied by the use of oils chosen depending on the different body types of the subjects. These particular oils reinforce muscles and articulations, strengthening and firming tissues, nourishing the skin, and providing light. Harmonises the mind, body and spirit.
Bioenergy* Balance 80 min.
A true decontracting treatment for the body’s muscles. Thanks to the combination of seaweed compressed, enriched with essential oils, and the bio-energetic massage, which will act on the main pressure points, you will feel a sensation of absolute well-being and lightness.

* In all Bionenergy treatments, we use a tool that will help us to dissolve muscular tension: glass bells which, together with the massage provided by the operator, will allow us to stimulate energy points and paths, producing soothing, draining and detoxing effects, thus restoring balance to the body’s energy.

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