Massages at the Genziana Spa Hotel in Selva, Val Gardena

Deep relaxation for face, body and muscles

Classic Massages

Massage with ”Jardin des Sens” candle 50 min.
A precious candle with pure vegetable oils is lit, and its molten wax is used for an intense and soothing massage that will also affect your mood. Possibility of choosing from a variety of aromas and fragrances.
Relaxing massage with aromatic oils ca. 50 min. / ca. 25 min.
The anti-stress massage is used to relieve muscular tension, favouring blood circulation. Thoughts and emotions are soothed, resulting in an improvement in psychological and physical balance.
Draining massage 50 min.
A specific and effective method for dealing with water retention. Through slow movements and delicate pressure, we stimulate the lymphatic circulation, thus helping to drain fluids and improve defects resulting from cellulite.
Aesthetic foot reflexology 25 min.
The peculiarity of the technique consists in stimulating certain points on the sole of the foot which correspond to reflex zones of our internal organs. This form of massage diminishes feelings of stress and inner tension by improving blood circulation and loosening muscle strains.

Special Massages

Abhyanga 80 min.
This is an Indian technique used to restore deep balance. Ayurvedic massage is a treatment that acts on the entire body, using a variety of manipulations and stimulations, accompanied by the use of oils chosen depending on the different body types of the subjects. These particular oils reinforce muscles and articulations, strengthening and firming tissues, nourishing the skin, and providing light. Harmonises the mind, body and spirit.
Bioenergy* Body Detox 55 min.
An effective draining technique carried out with the help of a device that uses suction caps, in combination with essential oils and natural active ingredients, which together stimulate the metabolism and bring new energy to the tissues. The body’s energy balance and harmony are restored, in favour of the aesthetic result.
Hot Stone
This is an ancient massage technique in which we use hot volcanic rocks - capable of holding the heat for a long time and releasing it gradually during the treatment. The massage soothes contractures, improves blood circulation, and helps to ease muscular rigidity. It also re-activates energy in the meridians
Face and body 80 min.
Body 50 min.
This treatment is not advisable for subjects with capillary fragility.

* In all Bionenergy treatments, we use a tool that will help us to dissolve muscular tension: glass bells which, together with the massage provided by the operator, will allow us to stimulate energy points and paths, producing soothing, draining and detoxing effects, thus restoring balance to the body’s energy.

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