Facial & Body Treatments at the Genziana Wellness Hotel in Val Gardena

Pampered all over with our facial & body treatments


Moments of Relaxation

Aromatic Scrub 25 min.
For an extraordinarily silky skin. A pleasant massage with a scrub cream, with micro-particles that help to eliminate dead cells, for excellent skin rejuvenation. Ideal in preparation for a massage, compress, or specific treatment.
Precious Mango Gommage 25 min.
This 100% natural gommage delicately clears the skin of corneous cells, while the mango butter extracts nourish and soften the skin.
Bioenergy* anticellulite treatment 50 min.
An effective combination of chosen products allow to treat the specific zones. An ideal treatment for detox, draining and tones tissues.
Bioenergy* draining with body detox pack 55 min.
A body mask of algues and clay in combination with essential oils with depurative proprieties on specific zones.
Bioenergy* Back Relax 50 min.
A body pack of algues and essential oils with relaxing proprieties followed by a massage. Ideal for distending the tissues and the muscles with a lot of tensions.
Bioenergy* for the legs with refreshing bandages 50 min.
A bio-energetic draining massage for the legs, followed by refreshing bandaging, which provides an amazing feeling of lightness. Improves shape and firms tissue.


Emphasis on pampering

Catio Vital Jeunesse50 min.
This is a classic facial treatment with effective in-depth cleansing that individually treats the needs of each skin type and age group. Through its innovative forms of treatment it replaces traditional methods.
Catio Vital Jeunesse + Eye Repair 85 min.
This is a repairing treatment for stressed and mature skin, with additional particular attention for the eyes, which are carefully treated with specific equipment.
Eye Lifting 50 min.
Specific treatment for the area around the eyes. Smooths wrinkles, reducing bags and clearing dark circles. The area around the eyes becomes visibly younger and more rested.
Catio Vital Lifting 55 min.
A natural “lift”: under-skin muscles are firmer and get their volume back. The face appears younger, the skin smoother and more compact. Visibly rejuvenates the facial features, increasing muscular firmness.
Bauté Aromatique 50 min.
A personalised manual treatment with essential oils and plant concentrates, to bring light to all skin types and to bring a glow to the face, providing balance and an intense feeling of well-being. Also suggested for male guests!
Age Lifting 55 min.
Anti-age facial treatment with rejuvenating effect. Thanks to the use of marine collagen based products, the treatment has a firming, lifting and remodelling effect on the face. Specific products are applied directly to the individual wrinkles, thus obtaining a firming and revitalising action.
Dermo Peeling 50 min.
A very new treatment, suitable for all skin types and for all ages. Helps to remove visible signs of time, clearing dark spots and bringing a glow to the complexion.
Phytoxygene 50 min.
The skin breathes: it is fresh and purified, the skin texture is smooth and the face is radiant with beauty. Formulated with 95% natural ingredients, the treatment helps oxygenate and detoxify the skin. Dead cells that retain toxins are eliminated by stimulating skin respiration.
Signes reverse 50 min.
An exclusive skin care treatment that erases signs of ageing. This anti-ageing treatment adds youthful radiance to the skin. The face appears several years younger. The skin’s surface looks more youthful, wrinkles and fine lines are smoothed away, skin texture is refined and the skin recovers a youthful radiant glow.

* In all Bionenergy treatments, we use a tool that will help us to dissolve muscular tension: glass bells which, together with the massage provided by the operator, will allow us to stimulate energy points and paths, producing soothing, draining and detoxing effects, thus restoring balance to the body’s energy.

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