Hotel Genziana: your spa retreat in the Val Gardena valley in Italy

Beauty, spa and health: in a blissful haven in the Dolomites

Genziana Suite

An exclusive and cosy place where you can relax, enjoying all things good for your body and soul. The area has a water bed which, thanks to the temperature it reaches (37/38 C), favours relaxation in the musculature, as well as absorption of the active ingredients applied. It is used for specific treatments like detoxing, relaxing, nutritious and moisturising compresses.

Imperial Bath

Let yourself be carried away by the pleasant aromatic scents of essential oils of mint, lavender, rosemary, bitter orange and petit grain, given off by this beautiful bath, accompanied by wonderful massaging water jets. Here, you will experience olfactory emotions that will put you through a real ritual, harmonising your energy.

Wellness booths

The spa area has three booths where you will find the intimacy necessary for specific facial and body treatments, as well as massages.

Sauna areas

Here is where your path to wellness begins. To emphasise the beneficial effects of these treatments, it is best to associate each sitting with a Finnish sauna, a Biosauna, or an aromatic Turkish Bath. And to finish, our ice fountain will give you pleasant refreshment, thanks to the crushed ice you can rub all over your body. You can finish the whole process with a moment of tranquillity in the “Tepidarium”, a corner of our relaxation area with precious heated mosaic benches.

Swimming Pool

Immersing yourself in the water at a pleasant temperature produces an immediate feeling of relaxation. The massaging water jets guarantee energetic caresses for effective well-being.

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